Please Help Someone Today

It is December 10, 2014, and 7:30 in the morning as I start this next writing. I feel compelled to say that I feel extremely fortunate this morning as I sit here in my comfortable chair, in front of my christmas tree with a hot cup of coffee, and in my warm house. I cant help but think about all the people out there, not just here in Maine, but all over the world, that don’t have the comforts of home the way that all of us do. I would so willingly give to those less fortunate if in fact I had the means to do so. I wish that our governments would make them a priority. But I suppose others have been wishing that for a long time too. Every single person out there is somebody’s child. Every single person out there is God’s child. We are the same despite what station we are in, in life. When is mankind ever going to fully realize that? Anyways, I could go on about this for hours if I set free to do so. I just think everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves if only given the chance.  I know my kids will read this and not be a bit surprised about how I feel. I have compassion for people in general without reservation. I love to tell my family to remember that everyone has a story, and I would give anything to hear them. Most people we come in contact with every day we don’t really see. We know them only as a partner in a job, a cashier at the local store, a farmer down the road milking cows, a delivery driver, and all the other hundreds of different type of jobs out there. If at no other time in the year can we all please just step back and watch and listen to our surroundings? During this Christmas Season can we stop and put ourselves in a homeless persons shoes? Can we please just recognize that we all know people that go without food, a car, a home? If everyone would commit to reach out and help that one person that tugs at your heart every single time you see them. Can we offer them a meal, a ride, blankets, or a friend? I don’t have much, but I surely have more than many.  Winter is coming and people need our help, regardless of how little you think you have to offer. Please help out someone today. Thank you.


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