What Would Dr. King Think About The Ferguson Drama?

First off, I want it noted that I am not a racist. Some of my friends are black and they would do anything for me if asked. Some of my friends are white and the same goes for them. However, not all of my black friends,  or white friends, are friends that I would call on in time of need. There is going to be a bad apple in every bag despite the color of their skin. There will always be white people who abuse drugs, beat up spouses, steal cars, and even shoot people. The same goes for the black community.

I have kept up with the happening’s of the Ferguson case involving the shooting of a young black man, by a white police officer. I am in agreement with the verdict given by the jury not to press charges against that police officer. I have compassion for the family of the young man that died as a result of that confrontation. However, I have a real problem with the chaos that has taken place since. This is not, has not, should not, and will not be a racial thing. Repeat… this is not a racial thing. There is no racial agenda.

I take great offense to the mere suggestion that this is racially motivated, and take even greater offense to the individuals making these accusations. Why does it always have to be a race issue? The way I see it, we are all the same, whether people want to recognize it or not. I was raised with the knowledge that despite the color of our skin all people were the same. I’m pretty sure we all eat food, we all have a heart, liver, lungs, and other organs. Most of us whether black or white can see, walk, and talk. There are some however, black or white that cannot see, walk, or talk. Disease does not discriminate, we all are subject to it. Financial uncertainty does not discriminate, we are all subject to it. The ability for women to carry a child and give birth, does not discriminate. We really are the same. The one and only difference is the color of our skin. We have to move past this. Please. I have listened to a speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King at least 30 times and have been moved by it every single time. That dream can come true, and we all have the ability to make it happen in our lifetime. That dream needs to become reality.

What is going on in Ferguson right now is wrong. I feel as though people are taking advantage of the situation just to protest and make this about them, and not the real problem. It is a fact that the young black man did not have to die. If he had not gone into the store and stolen the items he stole, the police would not have been called in the first place. This did not have to happen. The policeman that has now resigned as a result of this event would not have shot him had he not stolen, and then assault the store owner. I’m sorry, but after watching the video of him pushing the store owner and acting like a thug, this whole event could have been avoided. If he had just taken responsibility for his actions instead of running he would still be alive today. What do you think Dr. King would say about this. It is a fair bet that he would be greatly disappointed in how far we haven’t  come together.  Have we learned nothing? It starts with us, we all need to realize that we are the same, and that we are not mistakes being born with the skin color that we are. God has never made a mistake, and he is not about to start now.

In your little corner of the world, can you resolve that change has to take place? Can you muster the courage to start that change? It has to start somewhere, why not with you. I share that dream that Dr. King presented so gracefully and pray that we can make it reality. Do we really want our children growing up amongst so much hatred and discontent? Remember, it only takes a spark to get the fire going. Each one of us has the ability to be a spark that can build into an inferno where we all finally realize that color does not matter. Please… color does not matter.


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