To My Children (Part 1)

This is where it all began back in 1987, after dating for five years, and surviving a long distance relationship. On May 23, 1987 I married my very best friend, the one that I positively knew I was going to be with until death do us part. We have been blessed with three beautiful children, who have grown into mature young adults.

I am excited to share these stories with my children. I am also looking forward to sharing with the public, so that perhaps I can inspire someone to do the same for their family. When my mother passed away twelve years ago she left a letter to my father, which I still carry a copy of in my wallet today. My father grew up not being able to read or write, so we had to read it to him, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But, it was also one of the most special things I have ever been a part of. That letter is what inspired me to write, and I hope that my stories inspire someone, and they will inspire someone, and that it goes on forever. Share your stories, your dreams, your feelings, and most importantly your love with your family and loved ones. It starts with you.392442_3795745906226_1877935899_n I am going to dedicate these next few blogs to my three children. The single most important thing that I have done in my life is becoming a believer in Christ. My wife and my three kids are the next best thing that happened to me. I want them all to know that I love them more than I could ever express in words. I hope that they have always felt as loved as I felt growing up. I hope that they know that there is absolutely nothing that I wouldn’t do for them, and I hope that they all realize how they have helped shape me into the man that I am today. I want to share with them stories from my childhood, so that they know that I grew up in a family of six kids, with five of us being boys and of course one sister. I want them to know the reasons as to why I have desperately wanted the best for them and that I always wanted them to have more than I did as a child. I wanted them to play sports or an instrument or both if they wanted. I wanted them to be able to join clubs at school, and feel comfortable in who they were as an individual. I wanted, and still do, want them to always know that I believe in them. Most importantly, I just wanted them to be kids. I look forward to writing these stories, and hope that they are something that will always remind them of how desperately their Dad loves them all to the moon and back. 1505508_10202977978642668_815702581972320061_n My children are really young adults now. My son Matthew is now 27 years old and is in the U.S. Navy, stationed at Mayport Naval Base in Florida. He is married with two children ages 7 and 2. Because they are living 2000 miles away I don’t have many opportunities to see them. Matt is married to an amazing girl (Tabitha) who has brought so much happiness to him. He absolutely adores her the way that a husband is supposed to adore and love his wife. Together they are the very proud parents of their son Christopher, and their daughter Alexis. I am being totally impartial when I say that my grandchildren have a very large part of my heart. In fact, I am certain that they are the very best grandkids a man could ever ask for. I can say that for now, because they are the only two grandkids I have. Of course when my daughters have children then they will all be the best. 10155297_10152336063503184_8509130114453191118_n My second child is Elizabeth who is now 24 and lives here in Maine. She lives 2 hours away and is a school teacher. She teaches the fourth grade and has inherited her passion for children from her mother. She has a real passion for those who might appear to some as special needs. Elizabeth can see the child in them and strives to make each child feel loved, important, needed, and most importantly, normal. She sees to it that all her children are reminded that they are special. I see her every couple of weeks and look forward to the special things that she has done with them and to hear her stories. She is a true inspiration to not only her students, but her peer’s as well.


Cailea is my third child, who is currently still in college and is also working toward her Associates Degree working with young children. She shares an apartment with her sister Elizabeth and works part time for the local YMCA in the childcare program, in the before and after school program. She too, has a sincere passion for children and hopes to specifically work with pre-school aged children, or have her own daycare facility one day. She has a hard time not getting emotionally involved with these kids, as she says that the only hug they get in the day is the one that she gives them. Like her sister, she believes that all children are special and deserve our love. Both girls relay that God doesn’t make mistakes and that regardless of the circumstances they are in, they all need and deserve to be loved.

I am looking forward to sharing these stories and hope they inspire all readers to remember our younger years, and perhaps jot down a few stories of their own, for their families.


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