I’m So Undeserving Of Love


As I sit alone again today I am not thinking about me. I am thinking once again about all the people out there without a voice. The overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to begin. The scared look on their faces, and in their eyes. Many of you will throw your hands up and tell yourself it’s not worth it, or worse yet, that you are not worth it. Please let me assure you this morning that you are worth it. You, my friend, are worth the prayer that I shared with God this morning. You are worth the letter, the phone call, the instant message, the status update on facebook, and the best one of all is the visit.

I was reminded of this fact again this morning. If nothing more I am worth it for the courage that I am hopefully bringing to not only those with a life altering diagnosis, but also to the caregivers of those loved ones. And please hear me when I say “loved ones”. It is so important that we understand that we are not traveling this path all alone. Our loved ones are beside us every step of the way and quite frankly are the buffer between factual reality and “our” reality. I know that my wife is shielding me from much of what dementia is and I can’t begin to thank her enough for that. I did some initial investigating as to what this entails and the probable path that I will be taking in the future. It is very scary for me, and it is equally scary for her. This path was written long before I was even born and I am so glad that it is me that’s walking it and not my wife. I’m glad that God is allowing me to be the instrument used in this real life event. My wife has tried so hard not to cry in front of me. She, for the most part has been successful.

It is through this encouragement that I am able to stay strong for her and our kids. It is through her encouragement that I am able to encourage others. I pray that all of you have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off from. Talk, is the very best therapy in the world. I have always felt strongly that there are no stupid questions. If it is important to you than it should be as equally important to me. I know that people are waiting on the sidelines to help you, they just need to be asked. I have been reminded of that a number of times this week. People are not mind readers. They really want to help us and we need to let them. Most of the time people stay away because they are unsure of what to do or say. There really is such an easy solution, and that is to assign them a task they can feel good about. Perhaps it could be as simple as picking up your mail everyday or doing grocery shopping? Simple house chores or maybe carving out an hour in the day when they can drop in for a visit. From my perspective, visits far outweigh everything else. I desperately miss my friends and would love to re-connect with them. I bet if we were to ask everyone reading this blog if they would reconnect with lost friends if given the chance, we would get a resounding yes. People need people and I am no exception. We need to step up to the plate when given the opportunity and take a serious leap of faith. Every person has good inside them and I believe they all wish to share that goodness with others. I truly believe in fairy tale endings and that we are all worthy of them. My prayer is and always will be that we all can experience goodness firsthand.


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